Project Description

All courses are SSI and include equipment, materials and taxes, except Divemaster:

SSI Courses Prices in USD
Try Scuba Diving 100.–
Refresher Dive 50.–
Open Water Diver 320.–
Scuba Diver 240.–
Adventure Diver 65.–
Advanced Open Water 320.–
Re-act right 120.–
Rescue Diver 360.–
Divemaster (excl. material) 650.–
Material (for Divemaster) 250.–

All specialty courses are USD 165.–,
except Wreck and Nitrox:

SSI Specialty Courses Prices in USD
Deep Diving 165.–
Night and Limited Visibility 165.–
Drift, Tides and Currents 165.–
Navigation 165.–
Digital Underwater Photography 165.–
Perfect Buoyancy 165.–
Wreck Diving 180.–
Enriched Air Nitrox 140.–