Project Description

go here We offer a variety of trips.

go here These are arranged locally and are dependent on numbers of divers/snorkelers and weather.

enter Some are full day and others are ½ day.

<h3>Cayos Cochinos</h3>
A group of coral cays, half way to the mainland, they have a population of 125 permanent residence. This is a full day trip where we can do two dives, have a spot of lunch, do some snorkeling and try and catch some fish on the way back.
<h3>Pigeon Cay</h3>

Pigeon Cay

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A cluster of unoccupied sand cays gives this area its name. Located on the north shore of Roatan, at the eastern end of the island, this area is very rarely dived. Here we can drift, dive pristine reef, a beautiful wall and an aquarium of aquatic life, all by ourselves.
<h3>Dolphins Graveyard/The Underground</h3>

Dolphins Graveyard/The Underground

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Two outstanding dive sites, full of caverns and overhangs. Here we do bring torches. Darkness and partial light, beautiful shafts of light make these two not to be missed.

follow link At Dolphins Den, the shallower of the two, a skeleton of an old dolphin can be seen. The Underground is a channel of 70 ft/21 m wide. It has a maze of interlinking caverns and tunnels, which run behind coral heads along the side of the channel and invite for a great explore. The main channel is 100 ft/30 m deep make it great dive with a little bit of everything.

<h3>Mary's Place and/or Mr Bud</h3>

Mary's Place and/or Mr Bud

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Mary’s is one of the most famous dive sites on Roatan. Located on the south side, mid way along the island at Brick Bay, Mary’s is a series of cracks allegedly caused by an earthquake many years ago. Beautiful overhangs with gorgonians and black fan coral give the opportunity to make great photo shots. The cracks are about 10 ft/3m wide running from 30 ft – 120 ft (9 m – 36.5 m) at the deepest point. In here the silence can be deafening and so peaceful. We finish the dive on the plateau, loads of soft coral gives us the opportunity to look for seahorses and leopard flatworms.

follow link Our next dive on this trip is Mr Bud, at Big French Cay. An old cargo ship lies in 50 ft/15 m of water on the edge of the wall. A pesky green moray lives here but he will allow you to penetrate the bridge area. Again some good photo ops, just a few feet away sit the encrusted remains of an old sailboat “the Heddy”.